Fresh La Belle Farms foie gras, Grade A

Fresh La Belle Farms Moulard Duckbreast

Fresh Alina airchilled slowgrowth La Belle Duckbreast

Fresh Alina airchilled slowgrowth Pekin Duck, whole, approx 5 lbs

Fresh Moulard Duck, whole, 6/7 lbs

Fresh Moulard Duck Prosciutto

Fresh Moulard Ducklegs

Fresh Chukar Partridge, headon, feet-on

Fresh Quail, whole, head-on, feet-on

Fresh Pintade, head-feet on,  3.5-4 lbs

Fresh Organic Poussin, 16-20 oz

Fresh Silkie Bantam Chicken, head-feet on, Black, 1.5-2 lbs

Fresh Baby Chicken, head-feet on, 2.5-3 lbs

Fresh Mcfarlane Pheasants

Fresh Mcfarlane Pheasant airline breast

Fresh Connecticut Rabbits, 2.5-3 LBS

Linguica Traditional Pit-Smoked Porc Sausage

Chorico Mouro Portugese Blood Sausage, frozen



All Danko Foods ducks are slow fed at La Belle Farms and corn finished for 28 days as opposed to the usual 18 days on mixed feed. The duck is harvested at 10 weeks instead of the usual 13 weeks which makes for more tender breasts and legs.

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